Behave is Revolutionary

Behave is a new approach to hair control. It's a completely natural leave-in conditioner and styling spray that always leaves your hair silky soft and shiny.

Behave is
All Natural

Behave is made with all natural ingredients and a water base so there's no alcohol to dry out your hair. It helps to relax yet support each strand of hair. As it dries it forms a soft bond between each individual strand of hair, giving them support and hold.


  • Mineral free water
  • Proprietary inert-microsiloxane-emulsion
  • Aloe
  • Perfume / Fragrance

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We are grateful for the following kind remarks shared by our happy customers.

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"I am normally not a hairspray girl. I love to play with my hair, run my hand through it, and I like it to move. I hate the stiffness of hairspray

I was hesitant in trying Behave, but was highly recommend by a girlfriend of mine. I was pleasantly surprised with this product.

My hair was not stiff at all, but the style still held. I am able to put my hair in a ponytail and spray the frays down without feeling like I have a crunchy helmet on.

I even tried it on my hair while it was down, which i would never do with normal hairspray. But with Behave, the style held, the fizz disminish, it moved naturally and I was able to still run my hands through it.

So now the girl that never used hairspray has one in the bathroom and a travel one in the purse."

Amanda - Santa Clarita, CA

"It makes my hair settle down a lot. It makes it shiny. I get compliments on my hair everytime i use it. If i use Behave i can just blow dry my hair without straightening it.

Super manageable, really does make my hair Behave."

Ashley - Acton, CA

"This product is terrific ! I have been using it for 5 weeks and have noticed immediately that my hair was so much easier to blow dry and stayed smoother longer than usual.

My hair is extremely curly and has a tendency to frizz when the weather is humid or damp. A roller-set style is bouncy and springy; a flat-iron style is smooth and long lasting.

There is no left - over residue or buildup after multiple styling between shampoos. Thanks for creating a great product. I will recommend it to all my friends.

Where can i buy Behave? On line ? In stores? I've looked for it in my neigborhood drugstore, but can't find it. I need more Behave!"

Diane - Glendale, CA

"I was sent a sample of the behave product and just love it. Thank you!"

Diana - Los Angeles, CA

"I use Behave hair product daily whether I am wearing my hair up or down. The hair product makes my hair feel thicker and look shinier.

I also love the smell of the product and so does my husband when he hugs me. I dye my hair which usually dries it out and leaves the ends damaged, but Behave makes my hair look healthy and soft.

I would recommend the product to all women looking for silky and smooth looking hair."

Candace - Sherman Oaks, CA

"With two boys, the mornings are hectic enough! We use Behave every morning to tame their coarse hair. We spray, run a comb through, and we are out the door. The hair settles and stays settled throughout the day. No residue or fragrance."

Sophie E. - Glendale, CA

"The Behave Hair product took the frizz out of my hair. I would recommend this product to others."

Jessica - San Diego, CA

"What i really love about this spray is that i don't have to wash my hair everyday! I can also mow the lawn all day, come back inside, run a comb thru my hair, and i am back in business."

Dana - Shasta, CA

"I use behave now every morning after getting out of the shower. It makes my hair Lustrous. I no longer use my hairspray, and have already requested some samples to give to my friends so they can get hooked too!"

Alicia - Lancaster, CA

"It's 7:40 here with temperature at 42 degrees and 25 mile wind. I used the hair spray and its really holding good. My hair is really fine and blows all over unless I spray it good. Thanks."

Nadean - Houston, TX

"I have naturally wavy hair and it frizzes in humid rainy weather. After using the product for approx 4 months my hair is shiny and conditioned without weighing it down plus it controls the frizz. I blow dry my hair and use a curling iron then spray a little mist over my hair and set with hair spray."

Linda Guay - El Monte, CA

"I have long, thick, hard to manage hair. My hair is very damaged from years of using color and blow-drying. After using behave hair care products my hair has a healthy new look and incredible shine."

Producer - Suzanne DeLaurentiis

"Slick and Shine, Don't you wish you had this hair of mine? My secret is the Behave Hair Spray. Since I started using Behave hair Spray I have one less thing to worry about and I can say with confidence that my hair turns a lot of heads."

Actress/Model - Anni Cyrus

"I just want to start off by saying that I've tried a lot of hair products. I mean A LOT. Everything from the stuff my hair stylist suggests to the products sold in the major drugstore around the corner.

Nothing compares to Behave. I can't resist spraying it on every morning before I style my hair. It makes my hair feel light, but secure. I even spray it on throughout the day. Not because I have to, but because it makes my hair smell so good and gives it that freshly washed feeling.

Okay so here's what really made me fall in love... It was raining last week, but the frizzes stayed away! That was the true test for me. Hey makers of Behave! You guys should just give me a frequent buyers card because I'm keeping myself stocked, and buying more to give away as presents."

Clarissa - Studio City, CA

"I THOUGHT I had soft hair. I THOUGHT my hair dried quickly. I THOUGHT my color lasted a long time. Then I used Behave, and WOW! What a difference a little spray makes! My mentor, Suzanne DeLaurentiis had me try your product, and from spray one, I was hooked! It not only makes my hair softer to the touch, it actually, in some magical way, has helped my color last longer, and stay truer until my next appointment. The fading is greatly reduced! And that is so important when your looks are what help get you the job, as it is with us actors. Thank you Behave for helping this gal get the gig! Feel free to check out my website, and see pictures of your awesome product at work!"

Actress - Minna Brighton - Los Angeles, CA

"A friend of mine with thick, course hair and a voluminous hairstyle told me that I just HAD to try Behave Styling Spray. I have fine hair and wear a sleek bob, so (needless to say), I was skeptical that something that worked so well for her could possibly work for me. Imagine my surprise when it did just that! I really don't like to use hairspray or mousse because they weigh down my hair and are difficult to wash out. Also, since my hair is color treated, other styling products tend to make the color fade quickly. But with Behave Styling Spray, my hair was smooth, lustrous, well-behaved and seemed even brighter! A great bonus of Behave Styling Spray is that it is a fantastic detangler. With fine hair, it's always a struggle to comb out my locks before blow-drying. With Behave, it was absolutely effortless."

Cecily - Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you so much Behave for the free sample. You are my new go-to product to get rid of those pesky flyaways!"

Actress - Samantha Lester - Los Angeles, CA

"The Behave hair product is absolutely amazing. My hair has gone through alot of damage with dying my hair or using a flat iron. When used behave I was grateful to see the extra damaged parts of my hair were much smoother and shinier."

Actress - Catherine Tallichet - Los Angeles, CA

"I have other no-frizz products that makes my hair silky shiny and smooth but if I use just the slightest bit too much it makes my hair look oily and it becomes absolutely unstylable. When I used Behave styling spray it made my very fine fly-aways calm down, wasnt oily at all and didnt have that crunchy hairspray feeling (that I HATE). I used my curling iron to see if curls would hold which they dont when I used my old stuff and my curls rocked! I was even able to get my husband to try it on his frizzy curly hair.(He liked it too :) check out the first 4 picts on my website, even with the wind the fly-aways weren't that bad!"

Joan Brown McCarthy - Los Angeles, CA

"Behave was recommended by a friend of my and I am so thankful! Most hairsprays and mousse leave my hair crunchy and sticky. Behave left it soft and manageable. It also tamed my fly-aways and left my hair shiny. It also held my curls all day. I can't believe I got all this from just one product! Behave will now have a permanent spot in my morning routine."

Savannah - Los Angeles, CA

"As an actress, I have to constantly look my best for camera. Having thick Asian hair, it can be like handling straws from a field. After using Behave Hair, my hair felt super silky, shiny, and healthy. And when applied on my wet hair then styling with a blow dryer, my hair actually behaved and went the direction I wanted! Thank you, Behave Hair!! Please check me out at"

Joan Wong - Los Angeles, CA

"I really love Behave Hair. I usually NEVER put any product in my hair, but when I used this product for the first time i just fell in love. It made my hair look fantastic and feel extremely soft. I can't stop touching it. I've even recommened it to my friends."

Danielle Lester - Los Angeles, CA

"I don't curl my hair very often but I have discovered something about your hairspray. I put rollers in my hair and then sprayed it with your hairspray and the curl lasted for 4 days. You will have to let me know which stores will carry your product so I can purchase it. I have tried other sprays and it doesn't do the same."


"Behave Leave In Spray, is great product to use when blowdrying hair. Leaves hair soft and shiny. Great to add a bit to hair color before applying too. My clients love it! they also stated hair felt soft and shiny."

Imelda Gonzales Los Angeles, CA

"I was given a free sample at this years hollywood sporting clays event, and I LOVE it, I normally have to condition my hair, let it sit, but with Behave, I wash my hair normally, towel dry and spray! My hair is soft, silky and no tangles!! Thanks!!"

Dyanna - Leemore,CA

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